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Menus. Tri Folds. Uniform Apparel.



Menus. Tri Fold. Uniform Apparel.

Whether you’re starting up a new restaurant or are in need of some brand revamp, we are here to help. 

At Rise Designs, we have experience working with restaurant owners all over the US. We have helped take multiple food items and display it an organized, professional way that makes selecting a meal a breeze for your customers. We have also helped create an online menu PDF that is able to be downloaded by customers who want to print it for their reference. Whether it be creating or recreating your menus, designing uniform merchandise for your employees to wear, promotional coupons or flyers, Rise Designs is a one stop shop to building your restaurant’s brand.


Have a menu you need to add new items to? Send it our way! We will take your menu and reconstruct it to have all of your recent dishes. Just starting out? Let’s brainstorm the look you want for your menus and make it happen. 


Menus that customers can take with them are very resourceful,, and it allows your customer the opportunity to share your restaurant with their friends and family.

Promotional Items

If your restaurant has a special event coming up, holiday specials, or fundraisers, we can create promotional items to help spread the word. These items include Digital or paper flyers, social media posts, coupon cards, and banners

Branded Apparel

Having branded clothing and equipment for your staff helps solidify brand identity with your customers. T-Shirts, Polos, Aprons, and Hoodies are just a few items we can help you brand. 


Pricing varies based on project.


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